Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jackson Hole

Oh boy, what a week.  After our holiday adventures, Mom, Heidi and I went up to Jackson Hole for the IFA Conference.  IFA was kind enough to hold a tribute to my father and another employee who had passed away this year, and they invited our family to join them for it.  The tributes were beautiful, I am impressed with how many good people work for IFA, which is a good company. 

We joined the IFA staff and their spouses at Bar J Wranglers for a classic chuck wagon dinner and western music/humor. It was a blast.

These are the pleasant men who entertained us.

We participated in the spouse activity (While the employees are off at a trade show, IFA sends the spouses on an adventure of their own) which was a trip to the National Wildlife Art Museum.  It was an interesting museum, not a lot of variety in artistic styles, types of animals, or even mediums for that matter, but i still enjoyed it.  Museums are always fun.

After our "activity" we three Dudleys waled to down town Jackson.  We walked through the stores, took pictures of every plant we walked past (Heidi is getter her second degree in Horticulture and is excited to collect pictures of plants), and got a great three hour walk in.  

Then began the next phase of our journey: finding the great photo shots in Jackson Hole.  We spent Thursday night hunting moose with our cameras.  However, we only found a herd of Buffalo and more flowers.  It was rather enjoyable to witness a sunset at the Tetons.  

Friday morning began early for us, we raced the sunrise to Mormon Row.  I'm rather pleased with the results of our efforts:

What a lucky day to shoot here!  Buffalo Models!

Look at my sister go!  I've never known her to be this adventurous before.

This is a tribute to my brother, Greg.

Mom quietly contemplates her next shot.....

Look at them go.

I do believe we enjoyed ourselves.  The sunrise was beautiful!  I'm always amazed by the beauty of sun rays passing through thicker parts of the atmosphere.  Something so simple yet peaceful and astounding.  

The trip was fantastic.  I'm glad I had a chance to be alone with my mom and sister for a few days.

Thanks again to all who made this trip possible, mainly Mom and IFA.

Fourth of July Festivities

As is custom in the Dudley house hold, our 4th of July weekend was spent working for the Riverton City Recreation Department.  We scooped poop in the city parade, helped with Movie in the Park (we showed Monsters VS Aliens this year), helped mom and Rodney put on another fantastic race, and made snow cones and cotton candy for the rest of our Saturday.

Here we are working the finish line for Saturday's race!

Monday was spent with the Johnsons!  We went to a parade with Sharon, Annette, Cambrie and McKenzie.  I believe this was Cambrie's first parade with candy being thrown, so Alan helped her catch the candy.  It was rather enjoyable.

 McKenzie Looked Adorable in her patriotic outfit.

Annette is such a good mom. 

 Cambrie loved all of the royalty floats.

 Bethany is a pro-candy-picker-upper!

 Even though Tate was smaller than the other cousins, he did a good job with catching candy.

 My attempts to join in with the candy fun.

 There are the nieces enjoying their winnings.

After the parade we met up with the Stratford clan at their cabin!  I finally played a whole game of pinochle on my own...well, with some coaching.  We went for a short "hike" to the stream and enjoyed being with family.

 Here is our stream.

Here is a rock in our stream.

Here is our team of adventurers.

And this is an accidental shot of Matthew that Alan liked.

On the way home Sharon treated us to Farr Ice Cream!  The creamer was built in 1920, if I remember correctly, and is cute as can be!

Happy Holidays!