Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trimester Two....Conquered!

That's right, we're on the final stretch of this game.  Week 30 is just around the corner for us.  The doctor says Baby's doing fine; growing just like she should, healthy heart beat, kicking like a beast.  My belly has finally "popped."  It's nice to know strangers realize I'm pregnant rather than over weight, so so very nice.  Were it not for Annette, Sharon, Camille, and Grandma Johnson I wouldn't have anything to wear but men's t-shirts. Thanks to their generosity, though, I have a lovely little wardrobe of belly-appropriate clothing.  Never before has my wardrobe been so fashionable/girly/feminine/all of the above. 

Alan's been able to bond with Baby now that she's getting stronger.  Usually their bonding moments can be described as a "swift kick to dad's head."  How tender.

My on going project of the times is getting the nursery set up.  Alan helped me move the computers downstairs and put the crib together.  However, this is still a work in progress.  My house is currently less than suitable to live in and driving me crazy.  More motivation to finish I suppose. 

Catching up, yet again

Well, so much for doing well with keeping up on any record of my life.  Here's a quick recap of this last month's happenings:
-Moab trip with the Johnsons!  We went to cheer Annette on at the Canyonlands Half Marathon.  It was so fun to be back as a spectator for the race, and camping with Sharon, Ryan, and Annette's fam was a grand-ol' time.

I was impressed with Annette for being silly and not falling at the same time.

-Riverton's 3rd annual half marathon!  I L-O-V-E the atmosphere at races.  The energy  is always so high with excitement  and joy.  Being a volunteer at a race is even better!  As a volunteer I get the quite satisfaction of knowing somebody's day has been made or life goal may have been met because I was willing to get out of bed at 5 o' something in the morning to help with this event.  Mom had such a good turn out this year!  I'm so glad everything went well.

-Last month o' teh semester.  Alan's been working hard in all of his classes and hopefully his hard work will pay off with finals next week.

-I'm loving my new job.  I've been in the USU Bookstore with the IT staff since the end of January and loving every moment of it.

-The weather can't decide if it wants to warm up or not, but the temperatures are slowly getting warmer.  At least it's not snowing anymore! 

And.....yep.  That's about it.