Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Trick

Where's the baby?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In attempts to find a solution to my pelvic pain, and since our first attempt failed in improving the condition, the doctor suggested the next two options:  taking a shot that would throw my body into temporary menopause, or laproscopic surgery. On the off chance that the pain wasn't being caused by edometriosis, Alan and I decided that surgery would be a more straight forward approach. So we got on the schedule for surgery, Alan took the day off to come to the hospital with me. 

Waiting for the doctor to finish delivering a baby.

 Along with the standard hospital gown, I was given a pair of socks to wear, which made me feel like a duck with my webbed feet, and a pair of leg compressors to promote blood flow during surgery.

The surgery went well, no complications or anything like that.  Unfortunately, though, the doctor didn't find any endometriotic tissue, or any other obvious source of the problem.  I woke up from the surgery to hear this news and started sobbing, which I'm still quite embarrassed about.  At this point we try to find a specialist who is on my insurance plan that might be able to identify the source of my pain. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Routine

Since the move Faye and I have had the chance to play with our friend Tilly a few days a week. Tilly is a year older than Faye, but the two girls are always excited to see each other and play well together.  Here's a glimpse into our new kind of fun:

Tilly's favorite game to play is Coloring!  Luckily sidewalk chalk offers all the fun of coloring but with a change of scenery. 

We go for wagon rides around the cul-de-sac....

Play with the soccer goal....

And swing!  We swing quite a bit.  The girls are very good at finding airplanes while we are swinging. They insist on waving to each airplane they see!  So much fun.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quick Learner

I'm always amazed with how quickly Faye picks up on things and how much of a personality she has!  For instance, Faye knows what cake is and what cupcakes are and she will do everything and anything she can to get a hold of some delicious goodness, like climb onto the kitchen table, or pull down the table cloth so the cupcakes come to the edge of the table where she can reach.  Some days I just share with her, though, instead of making her work for it.

As most toddlers do, Faye seems to be able to make a toy out of any ordinary object.

She loves to play Peak-a-Boo with see through lids!

She proudly wears any ornament she can find.  Clearly she's ready to go earn one of her own!

One of her newest quirks is loving to watch movies up close.  We've put the flat screen out of Faye's reach by putting baskets of her toys in front.  Lately, though, Faye will simply climb into the laundry basket and watch her movie while sitting on top of her toys.