Thursday, December 27, 2012

Seventeen Months

Faye continues to grow and learn!  At seventeen months she is 33" tall, which has us very excited. She loves to read, dance, and count to "reeee" (three). Here's a few moments of Faye's fun as of late. 

 Grandma Lisa purchased 3 different sized collapsible stools for group pictures this summer.  Faye, and Tilly, LOVE them.  Faye will drag the stools around the house and cries for help if she can't open them on her own.

Faye had a rough month, a few days of fevers, vomiting, and then two ear infections to top it off.  Luckily popsicles help make sad babies feel better.  Faye is getting into the sharing game as of late and insisted on sharing her popsicle with Grandma Lisa and Alan

I can't get over how long Faye's hair is getting!  It's been so much fun to style, assuming Faye holds still long enough for me to work on it. 

 Faye and I are known to get stir crazy.  So to chase away our cabin fever we have visited the pet store!  Faye is fairly cautious around animals, but she was enthralled with seeing the cats at the pet store.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The New Do

Camille is a good friend of the Dudley family, she's practically an aunt to me.  Camille has been fighting cancer since June, and to our joy she is winning this battle!  In support of Camille I decided to shave my head along with a few members of the Calvert Clan. 

Drew was first in the hot seat.

Cole was kind enough to shave my head

Camille's group of baldies.  We love you, Camille!