Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Search for the Bloomin' Joshua Trees

Before heading to St. George we caught wind of the Bloomin' Joshua Tree phenomenon. We decided we must venture to find these curious trees!  We journeyed down Highway 91 through the Piute Reservation.  On the way we discovered the Desert Rose Labyrinth and decided to check it out. 

The Labyrinth is designed to help bring peace to troubled souls.  One walks in silence through the maze carrying a token of their troubles.  Once they reach the middle, the token is left on an alter.  The individual then walks back through the maze in silence and is blessed with peace of mind.  It seemed to have a sacred feel about it, though I'm glad we were there alone since Faye decided to hop over every rock and then try to pull it out of the ground.

The path to the Labyrinth is lined with a series of sculptures portraying varying ideas of peace and serenity. 

After another half hour of driving we came upon the Joshua Tree Forest!  Giggling, and vigorous picture taking, quickly ensued!

Mom wins the award for "Best shot of the day!" I can't wait to see this scene in a large print!  Thanks for the adventure, Mom.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dinosaur Tracks at the Johnson Farm

 Faye and I joined Mom for her annual UGFOA conference down in St. George again this year.  We had some time to kill as we headed into town and happened upon a dinosaur museum.  We promptly pulled a sleepish Faye out of the car to enjoy some recreational, yet educational, vacationing.

We watched the movie on how the tracks at the Johnson Farm were found.  Clearly Faye is still coming out of her long-car-ride daze.

There was a side room with kid friendly exhibits including puzzles AND coloring!

This little one is becoming obsessed with coloring.  Heaven forbid you take that paper away from her.

We played outside in the sand box after dragging Faye through the "do not touch" part of the museum.  We were so glad to have toys provided to play with.