Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

We Dudleys have an annual tradition of holding a snowball fight on Memorial Day.  Snow balls?  In this weather?  Why yes!  We have several Snowball Bushes growing on the back of Mom's kitchen.  By Memorial Day the flowers have passed their prime and are starting to die.  This makes them excellent for throwing as all the little flowers fall off their clump in a cascading type manner.  Mom stays out of the battle but always captures it with the greatest of shots.

Greg is typically the beast of the family, and was definintely the bloke to gang up on during our battle.   However, he always returned each blow with twice as much ammunition! 

War face!

Faye couldn't figure out how to throw the flowers at somebody, but we would collectively count to three and throw flowers in the air with her.  She thought it was a hoot.

Alan decided to be passive and not get on Greg's target list.  However, we made sure he didn't walk away without a few flowers in his shirt.

After our snowball fight we journeyed to the cemetery to have a picnic with Dino.  It was the perfect day for a picnic, and I'm sure Dino enjoyed the company.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Are You Married to a Geek?

You might be married to a geek if:
  • There are more dice than jewelry in your home. 
  • A romantic night in includes ice cream and Return of the Jedi.
  • Your husband cries out in pain when exposed to sunlight.
  • You go to the gym more than your husband does and, as a result, you do most of the heavy lifting.
  • Instead of pink and princesses your little girl is exposed to dinosaurs, super heros, and rocket ships.
  • Family night includes hours of digging in Minecraft.
  • Your family observes Pi Day, Star Wars Days, and Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • You own no normal ice cube trays.  Instead you have ice cubes japed as a skull and crossbones, pi, or dinosaur skeletons.
  • There is a stash of fantasy inspired cutlery somewhere in your house.
  • While you are in labor, he writes a program to record your contractions and predict upcoming contractions. (in reference to Kelly)
  • Your family vacations are planned around Comicon.
  • Dinner with friends usually includes an RPG
  • The family computer has a more rigorous maintenance schedule than the family car.
  • You can identify the different crews of the Star Ship Enterprise without having watched a full episode of Star Trek.
  • Your child's name was inspired by a fantasy mythos.
  • Each member of the family over the age of 11 has been presented with a wand.
  • The number of personal workstations in your home outnumbers the members of your family.
  • You have created a D&D character just to spend time with him.
  • Long car rides are spent discussing the pros and cons of Mac vs. Windows.
  • Your husband surprises you with a spaceship from Star Citizen rather than a traditional boquette of flowers.
  • Family time in the car is often spent listening to Harry Potter for the umpteenth time.
  • Watching My Little Pony with your child is spent critically analyzing teh physics behind the show as well as commentary on mythology references.
  • Because of allergies, your pet options are limited to a Roomba.
  • The wreath on your front door consists of power cables, "scuzzy" ribbons, old processors and CDs.
  • He leaves love notes on the computer desktop for you encouraging you to take a break from housework and give Mass Effect a try.
  • A good portion of our spending money is invested in games on Kickstarter.
  • You have a bumpersticker identifying your car as a Firefly class vehicle.
  • Your child owns more than one Pokemon stuffed animal. 
  • Your child is encouraged to cry, "Exterminate!" And/or she often watches Doctor Who with you.
  • Your husband often quotes or mimics memes.
  • You own multiple house furnishings inspired by video games. 
  • You anticipate your Valentine's/Mother's Day gift to be supplied by ThinkGeek. (Thanks Sweetie!)

Congratulations!   If most of these statements are true, you are probably a geek, too.

  • Your husband boasts that he can task his wife with re-installing an operating system and not worry about losing his game files.
  • Your husband supports your baking skills by requesting a Steampunk themed cake.
  • You plan to have a Harry Potter themed Christmas Tree.
  • Your latest inspiration for working out is to look like Seven of Nine.
  • You taught your toddler to gallop with coconuts like Clancy.
  • The landscape decisions made for your yard are based on the wand woods found in Harry Potter.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Babyshowers for Heidi!

We Dudleys, we are not fancy folk.  We don't cook much- making the whole cake baking bit a big surprise.  We don't go to many parties, nor do we host many parties.  However, on the event of Heidi being great and with child, we hosted a baby shower!  We put on an excellent spread, if I do say so myself.  And with the help of Pintrest, our decorations were pretty great as well.

We had a great turn out and Heidi was given a good number of helpful items in preparation for the little one.  I'm so excited to meet my new niece! 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dino Half

Last year was the first annual Dino Half in Vernal Utah.  Mom heard about it and we decided as a family to run it in memory of my Dino-Dad.  We invited Alan's family to join us; Camille registered and trained hard for the race.  She, Mom, Ryan and I ran the half marathon.  Alan, Faye and Heidi participated in the half mile.  This was both Ryan and Camille's first half marathon and they both did excellent!

 Camille coming in with a strong finish.

Mom and I stuck with Ryan through the race.  We had many pleasant conversations and met several new friends.

We had a great support system!  Sharon rode her bike up and down the canyon to find us.   Heidi, Alan, and Faye met us along the route a few times before leaving to participate in the half mile race.

I'm so glad Faye was excited to see me!  It made my day.  

By the time the half mile race started, Faye was pretty worn out.  Heidi and Alan apparently kept Faye motivated through the race by bribing her with marshmallows.  She was the youngest participant and I am such a proud mommy.

The Dudley crew!  Faye was entranced with the giant orange dinosaur, but was terrified of it at the same time.  I'm surprised she allowed me to get that close to the pleasant orange thing.

We miss you Dino.  Can't wait to give this course another try next year. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fun at Soccer Games

 Reed and I have the pleasure of working together at the same ice cream store (Marble Slab Creamery!  Stop by for some tasty goods).  We're pretty short staffed at the store, so I wind up working whenever Reed has a soccer game.  As such, Faye plays with Grandma Lisa at the soccer games while both Alan and I are working.  I'm always excited to come home not only to see epic pictures of Reed in action:

 But also to see tidbits of what Faye is like when I'm not around.  Greg and Heidi joined the fun at the most recent game.  I'm so sad to have missed out.

I love this shot so much! Thanks, Mom, for always taking pictures of my girl.