Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fairchild Softball

Alan is good to always call me on his lunch break at 11:30 PM.  One night Alan informed me that he had signed up to play on his shift's softball team!  I was so excited, and I still am!  It's been so fun for Faye and I to watch Alan play, even though the games are pretty low key.

Alan up at bat.  Even though Alan isn't super proactive about exercising, he is surprisingly good at softball!  He hit a triple and even got a few folks out. 

Daddy's biggest fan!

Mom biked over to the field to watch the game.  Faye has a slight obsession with wearing Grandma's helmet.

As to Brian Regan's standards, we got a treat after the game.  Ice cream, of course, is always on the menu.  

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indoor Photoshoot

Mom was volunteered to take Riverton City Councilmens' group picture this year.  She was able to rent the studio equipment to take an indoor, professional picture but wanted to practice with it before the actual photoshoot.  Therefore, we had family picture time!

 Ladies of the house hold.  Heidi is on her 9th month of pregnancy at this point!  So excited for a new niece.


Love this guy.  This is our go-to picture pose.

Reed is the cutest uncle.  He can't get enough of Faye. I love watching the two of them play together.

Mom got several great candid shots of Faye doing her thing.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Huck Fin Days at South Salt Lake

We joined Heidi for South Salt Lake's free fishing day!  Faye loved counting to three as we cast out the line as well as reeling it back in.  We didn't catch anything, (Luckily), but we still had great fun.

After twenty minutes or so of fishing, Faye was ready to move on.  We found a patch of packing peanuts meant for a candy hunt.  Seeing as the big kids had already picked out all the candy, Faye simply enjoyed playing with the left over peanuts.

We attempted to play on the playground; all the equipment was quite hot or overrun with other children.  After that we found the creek again and enjoyed watching the ducks.  Faye has recently learned to say "Duck" as well as "Quack." Hooray for slow progress on learning to talk. 

We stayed to watch the watermelon drop.  Bets were made on how far the watermelon would splatter, but we simply enjoyed watching the Mayor drop watermelon from the tippy-top of the firetruck ladder.