Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No Body Shame Campaign

There is a sensation crossing our nation know as the No Body Shame Campaign.  

Alan suggested I look up the story of one Whitney Thorne after he listened to a talk show interview about her on his drive to work.  After spending much time reading Whitney's story, and after shedding a few tears (because I am pathetic), I want to remember and to validate my commitment to changing my mentality about my weight.  So my apologies to anybody who is reading this as this post is more for me than anybody. However, I highly encourage you to visit her website.

 After reading through Whitney's blog posts, I sought her out on Facebook and sent her a personal message.  I'd like to include an exerpt of the note as I've already bawled once while typing it up (I'm not kidding when I say I am pathetic and also that I have body image issues).
Dear Whitney,

My husband heard your story while on his morning commute to work.  He quickly called me up and urged me to check out your website, I'm grateful that I did.

I just wanted to send a quick "Thank you" for sharing your story.  I'm sure you get numerous letters like this, but your story was truly touching and needed in my life. 

Since I had our daughter 2 1/2 years ago, I have struggled with pelvic pain.  After seeing 7 separate medical providers, nobody can give a straight answer as to the cause of pain.  The general hypothesis, though, is that I have Endometriosis.  At the age of 23 I have had surgery, have been given several injections of Lupron (medically induced menopause), and several other medications all with a side affect of weight gain.  In addition to the medical side, I have daily pains that often make it difficult to get out of bed and often make it impossible to run to the end of my driveway.  I am now 40 pounds heavier than I was a year ago, which pales in comparison to your story, but has been a significant struggle for me.  I am an active individual and grew up running long distance, participated in cross country as well as track in high school, and have run a handful of half marathons and hope to run more. 

I hope to adapt your confidence and love for who you are and of your body.  Although, currently, I can't say that I love my body, I remain optimistic to know it is possible and am grateful for your assistance in helping to pinpoint the mental road block I have in reaching that conclusion. Hopefully I can reach such a mentality before my daughter becomes more observant and inherits my insecurities.

I apologize for the length of my note, but after having read your blog posts, I feel very connected to you.  Thank you for sharing your story and for your continued effort to help other women in the world. 

With much love,
Hannah Johnson

My name is Hannah Johnson, I went through menopause when I was 23 years old.  I am 5'8" and weigh 175 pounds.  I am not proud of my weight, but I am proud of myself for trying to be the best mom and wife I know how to be while in great amounts of pain.  I am also eternally grateful for my husband, his love, and his continual support and encouragement.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mustache Party

 Greg has been working hard on growing his mustache for the last two years, so we decided to throw a mustache party.  Why?  Because we can.  We had planned to throw our party earlier in the month, but due to the weather our Loganites weren't able to make it home.  We postponed the party, moved it Logan and enjoy the small company of our little family.

I made some manly flavored cupcakes, Maple Bacon!  We also made a Mustache Themed Red Velvet cake.

Our mustache spread sans sandwiches.

We played a riveting game of "Pin the Mustache on the picture." 

Heidi made a lovely photobooth complete with mustache props.



Faye was happy to spend time with her cousin, who is crawling like a boss!

Faye also was kind enough to decorate Reed's shirt with some cupcake frosting.  The poor kid had to buy a new shirt before driving back down to Salt Lake.   It was a fun afternoon of giggles and fun. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Princess Tea Party

Faye and her friends, Ariella and Miss P, each received princess dresses as Christmas presents this past holiday season.  We moms thought it would be fun to have a Princess day!  The girls came over all decked out in their princess garb.  We had a tea party complete with tasty corn dogs, juice, and cupcakes followed by coloring and lots of time playing in Faye's room.  Low key?  Yes. But that's just how we like it.  So fun to see the girls dressed up.

Grandma Lisa gave Faye this Snow White gown for Christmas.  This was Faye's first time wearing it, but she insisted on keeping it on ALL the day long.  I'm sure we will be seeing more of princess gowns in the future. 

I did my best to give Faye some princess worthy hair.  She has stick straight hair, though, and even with half a can of hairspray used on her curls, they were gone by lunch time.

I can hear Flight of the Concords singing in my head, "Ain't no party like a princess tea party!"  Cute girls!

Faye loves Natasha's hair.  She spends most sacrament meetings stroking the lovely dark locks.  Today, however, Faye was excited to use Natasha's hair to tickle her ear.  We're so grateful to have friends within our complex who don't mind coming over to play.