Saturday, April 19, 2014

Riding the Bike

Look at her go!  Faye's catching on quick to the whole pedaling business.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby Animal Days

 Yay!  Baby animals are always fun.  Mom, Faye, and I drove to Logan to meet up with Heidi, Ryan, Viv, and Greg at THE Baby Animal Days.  We love a good adventure. 

We beat the others to the American West Heritage Center.  While waiting, Faye and I made a game out of smelling every daffodil we found. 

Once we met up with everybody, we went through the scene backwards.  Best. Idea. Ever.  We were able to see things without the lines, enjoy ourselves without the rush.  Faye was so excited to hear there were turtles.

Even more excited to see the baby turtles, but not enough to actually touch them.  We can't seem to get over the timidness with animals.

After we played in 'Turtle Town' for a bit, we found a face painting stand.  Luckily, Ryan was willing to share five dollars so Faye could get a shark.  She was too wiggly for her face to be painted, so the kind lady offered to paint it on Faye's arm. Faye was quite excited to see the shark be painted, and we were blown away by the speed and skill of the artist. 

Faye's 'face' painting all finished!  She would get distracted from the baby animals throughout the rest of the visit by the shark and fish on her arm.

Greg was a bit late meeting up with the rest of us, but we were all so excited to see him!  Faye absolutely adores her uncle.  

Faye, Mom and Greg enjoyed the open space by running a few ladders to the fence and back.  Faye loves a good race. 

Nothing completes a princess outfit quite like red cowgirl boots, and a shark painted on your arm.

Enjoying the lasso dummies. 

 Heidi took a turn riding the wild beast!  Clearly she's ready for the rodeo now.

Maybe not so much; we were having fun pushing each other off.

 Group shot!  Such a nice day.

We didn't care to stand in the mile long line to see the baby bears (it sure looked like a mile long line!), but we did see all the farm animal babies! 

Still working on getting Faye to touch animals.  She's intrigued by them, but overly cautious as well. 

Two cousins looking at a pony and her baby. Viv is definitely braver when it comes to animals than Faye is. 

So glad we got to go up and spend the day with family.  It was just a quick trip, Mom, Faye and I were back home in time for me to head to work, but it was perfect.  Thanks so much for sharing pictures, Mom!