Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Fun- Wheeler Farm

We started off our Halloween celebrations a week early by visiting Wheeler Farm's Pumpkin Patch and kid maze.  Luckily, we had Mom there to take fun pictures.  I'm getting to big and slow to keep up with Faye and handle a real camera very well, so I am eternally grateful to my mom for sharing her pictures. 

This year Faye is in LOVE with everything Halloween, other than the candy it seems.  She was so excited when we pulled out our old Halloween costumes and found a witches outfit for her to wear!  It was a bit big, I wore it when I was 11, but that didn't stop her from loving it to pieces. 

Faye and Viv walking through the maze together.  It's been so fun to watch these two become better friends.  

Cute little witchy sans hat.  Faye would cackle with the most pleasant "E-E-E" anytime you mentioned she was a witch.

Pumpkins have been the joy of the season!  Faye was thrilled to pick one out from the pumpkin patch!  And, just to make things better, we got to go for a wagon ride around the farm and see all the tractors!  Love this girl. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Back in April Faye's speech therapist informed me that she was seeing some "red flags" in Faye's personality/mannerisms that could put her on the autistic spectrum.  She suggested we get her tested to be sure.  We called the suggested office, but the soonest they could get us in was mid-August.  After a consultation appointment, a testing appointment, and finally a follow-up appointment, we finally have the results for Miss Faye. 

Faye's behaviors during the assessment placed her in the autism spectrum range.  She's "high functioning," and the psychologist anticipates Faye will grow out of these tendencies as she learns to speak better.  To help her with the speech development and social skills we'll be working hard at home as well as looking into some additional "therapy."

We love our little Faye just the way she is, and I have no doubt we'll see her blossom into a cute little elementary school girl who can display her intelligence in a more conventional method.  Until then, I'm grateful we get to enjoy Faye's creative and mechanical mind.  Watching her learn and grow has been the greatest joy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Agneta

We had an early birthday party for Agneta, since she and Grandpa would be gone on her actual birthday.  This cake, though not my best work, is a current favorite of mine just for the quality of the handwriting!  I can officially write better with a piping bag than with a pen.  Also, I wish I had a picture of Heidi and Agneta snitching the cream cheese frosting from my bowl.  It was the funniest sight!

Faye could care less about the cake, she was just anxious to try and blow out the candles.  

Luckily we gave her a turn to blow them out.  She was so pleased.   

Happy Birthday, Agneta!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Antelope Island

My Grandpa Hazen and his wife, Agneta, came out for a visit!  They drove all the way from Wisconsin bringing precious cargo: Dino's Grandfather Clock with Grandpa had built for Mom.  They stayed for a few days and wanted to experience some Utah scenery.  So, one day Mom took them down to Capitol Reef, and the next we packed up the whole clan for a trip to Antelope Island.

Mom's great shot of the locals.  Love that the algae is participating in the fall colors.

Mom and I both had cameras as the girls played around the farm, thank heavens.  It's tough keeping up with two toddlers if you want pictures.  Faye was more than excited to ride this bull. 

 I'm such a sucker for this old Doge.  Faye's "posing" methods are a bit unique.

Faye and her Daddy.  So cute. 


 Again, Faye's posing.

Faye and Alan started chasing each other in circles.  She was giggling so hard while running that apparently she couldn't control her face.  This shot is priceless.

Our clan for the day!  So fun to see Grandpa again.