Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sam's Baby Blessing

 Sam's blessing day was wonderful.  We were surrounded by family in every definition of the word.  Alan's family drove down from Logan.  Grandma Stratford and Grandma Johnson and Jay were able to join us.  Mom and all of my sibs were present.  The Calvert clan was there in full force.  Even the Pools came!  Alan administered a beautiful blessing.  It was wonderful to see so many who we love in the circle to help bless Sam.  As luck would have it, Sam was being fussy leading up to the blessing.  He's such a calm and mellow boy that I never anticipated this happening.  It was so sweet to hear each of the men mention how they helped to calm Sam so the blessing could be heard.  Grandpa Calvert hummed to Sam.  Kris Blauer mentioned holding Sam's hand.  Kelly mentioned the men bounced little Sam during the blessing.  A combination of all these things helped Sam to calm down just in time.  

My little guy looked so handsome in his darling outfit Grandma Sharon made for him.   Sharon mentioned the vest material was originally gray.  She loved the texture and decided to bleach the fabric until it was white.  Her attempts at bleaching took four separate rounds, one of which included the use of Drain-O.  The resulting pearl tone was perfect, and I love it even more knowing the story behind the fabric.

Miss Faye was cute to play with cousins and friends all day.  After all the commotion and excitement, she was feeling a bit jealous that everybody wanted pictures of Baby Brother. 

Our little guy was plum tuckered out after such an eventful day.  I'm so grateful to have this little soul in my life.  He is a joy and a blessing to me and reminds me of that with each little smile.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Three Months

 At three months, our little Sam is sleeping through most nights.  He coos and giggles, chatty as can be.  He is still such a mellow little baby. 


Weighing in at 14 lbs and 24 inches, our man is a bit of a chunk.  He officially moved out of the 0-3 month clothes, which was surprisingly emotional for me.