Wednesday, September 2, 2015

School Bus Day

The day Faye has been waiting for all summer long finally came!

"School Bus Day!"

Waiting for the bus to come is always the hardest part!

Sammy had no idea what was going on, he was just happy to be part of the fun.

And off she goes!  I am so excited to see Miss Faye eager to learn. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Eight Month Boy

Eight months already?!  Who let that happen?   

 My handsome little guy is no longer a glorified house plant.  Sam is a mover!  He still mostly scoots, but has started to be a full-fledged crawler, can climb up stairs, and pulls himself up along the furniture.  His baby blues continue to melt the hearts of every old lady at the grocery store.  Even though he's a curious young lad, he continues to be my snugly little guy and even cries for "Mama."

I can't get enough of this little duded.