Friday, January 1, 2016

Birthday Boy

Guess who turned one?!  This handsome boy. Sam is such a charmer, and such a tease.  We are so grateful to have him around.  I decided to let Faye chose the theme for Sam's birthday in attempt to include her more in the festivities.  She insisted Sam have a Mystery Machine cake, so we threw a Scooby Doo party.  It was fitting since Faye often calls Sam 'Scooby.'

Uncle Regis instructed the girls on the art of balloon blowing.

Four Dudley grandkids.  Even though it took work to get this pic, they love each other. 

It took a bit for Sam to get going, but he seemed to enjoy his cake.

Sam's new presents were enjoyed by all.

Our party included Heidi and her kids, Regis, and the Blauers.  Alan's family was preoccupied with the arrival of Miss Emma up in Logan and thus unable to attend. (Sharing a birthday with a cousin will be the greatest thing ever!)  We had fun Skyping with Sharon and Kelly while Sam attacked his cake.

At one year our Sammo measures at 20.4 pounds and 31 inches putting him in the 15% and 85% for weight and height.  We learned at his 1 year check up that Sam has asthma, but luckily I already have the equipment to help with that.  He has 3 teeth, two on the top and one on the bottom.  Thus far his vocabulary, though considered normal development, is blowing us away.  His four 'words' include "mama, Jesus, woof-woof (dog), and oo-oo-aah (monkey)."  

Faye, Daddy, and Grandma Lisa are Sam's favorite people.  He's fairly social, though it takes him a few moments to warm up around a new crowd.  Sam's dancing cracks me up, he has been carrying his new toys that sing around the house with him so he can keep dancing.  Reading is also one of his favorite things.  I love it when he drags a book over to me, even when it happens multiple times in one sitting.