Saturday, February 4, 2017

Museum of Ancient Life

My mom treated our family to a trip to the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point!  She suggested it to Faye on Wednesday.  Watching Faye's excitement build every day leading up to Saturday made this trip 10x's more fun!

There was the cutest dead tree set up in the lobby and a table with paper hearts.  The kids wrote down something they loved and hung it on the "Heart Tree." Faye wrote "My Bestie," and I helped Sam draw Batman on his heart. 

Faye noticed several hearts had fallen off the tree.  She insisted on hanging every heart back on the tree causing my heart to melt.

The flex exhibit was themed around repeating geometric shapes.  Both kids enjoyed crawling through the unique playground and tunnels while we adults took our time reading each display. 

It was such a magical museum trip!  Watching Faye's mind make connections with interests, facts she's read, and her general curiosity was my favorite.  However, the kids enjoyed every exhibit. We walked through the "space tunnel," a  cylindrical black room with small flickering lights creating a 360 degree space walk effect, about ten separate times.

Watching the Fossil Cleaning room.

(Who knew they would have a Subnautica exhibit?)

(Faye's facial expressions crack me up!)

Faye and her Best Friend pose next to Megalodon pleasantly waiting to be eaten.

"It's head is the size of our car!"

"Mom!  I found a pretend dinosaur!"

We missed the erosion table during our first pass of the museum.  We briskly walked through the museum a second time in search of this fabled room.  It. Was. Worth. It.  We had a blast playing with the toy dinosaurs!  Talk about an awesome end to the museum.

Surprisingly, Sam is our neat-freak.  He has a meltdown should anything stick to his hands.  I thought Sammo would ADORE the erosion table, but he couldn't handle the feeling of sand sticking to his fingers.  Alan kindly cleared out a section to provide a sand-less puddle for our funny Batsam.  What a goof.

Thanks again, Mom, for such a fun outing!  And a double thanks for sharing your pictures.