Saturday, August 20, 2011

First "Trip"

Faye and I came to spend a week with Grandma Lisa and Uncles Greg and Reed.  We celebrated her one month mark, Grandma's Birthday, went golfing a few times, and helped Greg move down to his college apartment.  Lisa-Mom was excited to spend time with her grandbaby and to have somebody to spend time with in evenings.  We had a good time.

Fresh from the bath!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1 Month

I can't believe my little girl is already a month old!  Time really has flown since Faye has joined us.  Grandma Lisa celebrated her birthday on Faye's one month mark which can only mean one thing:  Photoshoot!  Grandma was having fun with her favorite model.

In addition to another photoshoot, Faye got to go on her fist trip to the golf course. Granted she slept through 4 buckets of balls at the driving range and eight of nine holes, but I'm sure she enjoyed the trip.  It seems like she had a fun day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting to Know You

It's been fun to have a cute baby to spend my days with.  Granted, not much gets done around the house at this point, but we'll over look that because Faye's a fun little baby.  Here are a few things we've learned about our little one thus far:

Faye Likes/Loves:
  • Having her hair washed
  • Being lifted in the air Rafiki style
  • Dancing with Daddy
  • Laying on our laps and being bounced/swayed
  • Stroller rides 
  • Walks to the stop sign at the end of our street
  • Cuddling with Dad
  • Falling asleep on Mom's chest

Faye Dislikes:
  • Sponge baths
  • Having hair in her face (Long hair seems to confuse her)
  • Typical baby things- hunger, dirty diapers, sitting in spit up, changing outfits...
 Other Noteworthy things about Faye:
  • Faye is a WONDERFUL sleeper.  She gets in one 4 hour period of sleep every night and has since we got home from the hospital.
  • She is such a mellow baby.  Generally she only cries when she needs something and is easily soothed.
  • Faye is still a tiny little thing.  As of last Friday (Aug 5th) she weighed 7lb 5oz and was up to 20 inches.
  • She's adors. The end.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Perscription Ever

 Dino would have loved this prescription:  One Wendy's Frosty or Mug of A&W Rootbeer every day for a week or so. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two Weeks

I can't believe how much my baby has changed in just two weeks of life!  Faye is still as sweet as ever and starting to grow. 

First family outing: A&W

Four men and a baby.

First "camping" trip (in our kitchen).

The big challenge of week two was having a sick mama.  I was experiencing chills, aches, fevers up to 103ยบ, dizziness, nausea, etc.  Luckily, Faye doesn't seem to have any of these symptoms.   She started being somewhat fussy Friday and Saturday, Alan and I had no idea why.  Thank goodness Grandma Lisa stopped by to say "Hi."  

She helped us find the reason for our fussy baby- the fever affected my milk supply.  My poor girl was starving even though I thought she was getting food.  I felt like a failure as a mom.  Hopefully things get back to normal soon, though.