Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Dandy Cake Co.

I'm trying something new, a business website!

It's still in the prototype, but feel free to check it out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Asian City

 Not far from our apartment is a fascinating store, Asian City.  It fills a vacated Albertson's building- largest Asian themed store I've ever been to!  They have some typical products: kimonos, koi fish, Samurai themed cutlery.  They also have an interesting collection of other things: luggage, wigs, industrial cooking supplies, furniture, etc.  Faye and I have been to wander the aisles and had a great deal of fun!

 Faye was in love with this parasol!  She insisted on carrying it around the store with us.

Again with the parasol.

Checking out the home furnishing section, note the edge of the parasol in the bottom right of the picture.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Last Cakepop

Today was a busy day.  After a weekend of baking and working for me and Alan, I had to continue baking to finish a cake order with an additional order for cake pops.  I hurried all day to get things finished, and had to be back to work by 4:30 that afternoon.  I finished up the cake moments before running out the door to make it to work, calling instructions back to Alan to make sure Faye eats dinner and gets a bath before bed.  The cake, and 2 dozen cake pops, were to be picked up around 5:00 by the family who ordered it.  There were about 10 cake pops left, some sitting on the counter and most of them were on the kitchen table.

During a busy night at the ice cream shop, I got a text from Alan:
"So I may have dosed off for a bit, and Faye may have had sufficient time to devour most of the remaining cake pops..."

I returned home to find that Faye at ALL but the cake pops on the counter, and one sad little cake pop was left half eaten on the table.  That's SEVEN cake pops eaten by a toddler in one evening.  Alan had sent her to bed without dinner after her feast of cake.  I still can't decide if the if the situation is completely amusing, but I'm sure Faye, and Alan, will both live to see another day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

First Haircut

 While running errands with Grandma Lisa, it was decided that Faye needed a haircut.  We stopped by Cookie Cutters and luckily they had room for us! 

 We personally selected a pink 50's style car for Faye to sit in.  Cookie Cutters has the system of distracting children while cutting their hair down to an art!  We picked out Faye's favorite movie for her to watch and had bubbles ready as a second detraction barrier.

It's a bit hard to completely ignore having your bangs trimmed.

  Rather than a full on haircut, Faye just got a trim to clean up those stray hairs.

After trimming Faye's hair, the stylist gave Faye a cute little do complete with glitter hairspray.

The haircut was both Faye and Mom approved. Success!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Place

We have a new home!  Our little family recently moved into an apartment in West Jordan.  It's a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom place, bottom floor, new carpet, and all ours (to rent, that is).

Easily identified by the paint splattered on the brick.

 Front room.  Still working on unpacking/hanging pictures.  Love the open space for Faye, though.

After sleeping in a pack-and-play for 6 months (the bolts for Faye's crib were lost somewhere in the storage unit.  Don't worry, we found them) we decided to upgrade her bed to a toddler bed!  She loves it, and I love being able to crawl into bed with her for story time.

The pile of boxes stand as proof of progress!  Still have a lot more to go through, but we're taking it one box at a time.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Totally Tubular

Faye has followed the family trend of having many ear infections, 7 since last April, 3 of them since Thanksgiving. After her 18 month check up, we decided, along with our pediatrician, that Faye could benefit from tubes. 

This morning we showed up bright and early, 6:30 AM, at the hospital for Faye to have tubes put in. Since Alan was still at work Grandma Lisa joined us. Faye is definitely a morning girl, she played and giggled and laughed as all the nurses stopped by to ask questions and to take vitals. 

I had braced myself for a difficult morning and to see my baby be carted away from me going into some unknown horror with scrub clad strangers. However, after playing in a hospital room with coral reef decor, Faye went for a groggy ride in a wagon off to the surgery room. She was comfortable with the staff and seemed happy, albeit loopy, just to be in the wagon. 

The doctor came in to give a post-surgery and reported that Faye did great with the anestethia mask and was babbling away until she fell asleep. I'm so grateful everything went well and hopefully the tubes will help my Fay-be feel better on a regular basis.

Looking sweet in her hospital gown.  Softest hospital gown I have ever encountered.

A nice lady in the facility has the job of helping kids feel more comfortable with what's going on at the hospital.  She brought in a box of blocks and some bubbles for Faye to play with.

My nerves calmed down by the time Faye was starting to get loopy.  They brought in the very special wagon to take her to the OR, but let her play in the wagon for a while.  Like any adult, drugged Faye has slurred speech, appears dizzy, and has a harder time popping the bubbles than usual.  She lost her balance and fell against the pillow at one point, it was pretty tender.

Headed off to the OR!  Faye had no problem going down the hallway with a stranger in a wagon, which was probably a good thing in this situation.