Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Digging in the Dirt

 With me working five nights a week during the summer craze, Faye has been spending many fun hours with her Grandma Lisa.  I was surprised to come home one night to these fun pictures of Faye helping her Grandma in the flowerbeds.  

I love watching Faye learn.  I'm so grateful to all our family who has helped us with Faye. Thank you thank you thank you.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Day at the Pools'

Faye and I visited our friend Tilly today!  Faye was so excited to play with Tilly and her brother, Liam.  We had fun playing in the back yard while Jeremy worked on his Honey-Do list.

 Taking every safety precaution while pruning trees.

Liam loved having his picture taken!  Here he is high on the slide.

Here he is jumping out of the swing.

Here he is with some tractors.

Jeremy and Mary had the brilliant idea to leave a flower bed empty for the kids to play in.  Faye was thrilled to join in and dig!

Faye and Miss Tilly!  It was so fun to play with her again.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Time Bowling

 There are only three employees at the ice cream shop: Me, Reed, and cute little Micheala.  Seeing as Micheala is about to head off to college, we decided to have a double date!  However, since there are only three employees, not all three of us could ask for the same night off.  So we had a morning date!  Alan came down with the throw ups, so Faye was my date on this outing.  

Ready for a serious game!

Faye got quite good at finding her ball, taking it to the ramp, pushing it down the ramp, then loudly yelling "Bye-bye" at the ball as it rolled down the alley.  

She was excited to watch the ball return after each frame.  

We quickly learned that Faye wasn't too keen on the "taking turns" portion of this sport.  We held her off for a while with a package of Skittles, singing songs, and dancing with Uncle Reed.  Unfortunately this didn't last long.  Soon she was trying to run in front of other bowlers, take off for the main entrance, and eventually lie on the ground in a standard tantrum fashion.  The dated ended for us early, I decided to take Faye home rather than let her continue to disturb the other bowlers and let Reed and Micheala play out our last game.  Hopefully next time will go a bit more smoothly.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Fun

I can't believe this summer is nearly over!  I feel like the fun just got started, until I look back and remember how much we've done.

Playing at the park behind City Hall.  A nice family shared their popsicles with us.

Trips to the aquarium with Miss P.

Getting to know cousin Viv. 

Lots and lots of coloring!  Look, an Ood!

Dress up and puzzles, at the same time!  I think it's safe to say Faye is enjoying her birthday spoils.

Chilling with the Uncles while Mom and Grandma make Apricot Jam.

Playing with Gabe and Nate!  Nothing beats a hot summer day like wading in a kiddy pool.

Official hair cut/trim #2.  

Painting with water on the porch.

Trips to the park with Miss Ariella and her Mom.

Man....time has really flown by, it's been a blast.  I'm ready for classes to start this fall and get a bit of a routine back into our lives.