Friday, March 27, 2015


My heart is brimming with joy after enjoying the springtime weather this week. Miss Faye's speech has been continually improving, but these last few days she seems to have so much to say! And there's no particular light bulb moment, but even just hearing her respond to "why are you sad?" with "sucker fall" on our way home from dance class, it made my soul rejoice. We spent the evening digging in the garden with my mom.  Faye was so excited to use the shovel, so concerned when the two hoses were "stuck" together, and she asked Uncle Greg to play "rocket ship."  

She is loving Dr Suess books and can nearly recite Green Eggs and Ham

Faye is also more aware of how other people are feeling and of their conversations. Today she heard Sam cooing while he was wiggling on the ground. 
"Mommy, sam!"
"Yeah! Sam is talking to you. He says 'Faye, where are you? I miss you."
"Oh, okay."
At this point she walked to where Sam was, said "kiss!" then bent down and kissed her brother. My heart melted. 

I am so grateful for her development and for the budding relationship between our two kids. Thank the heavens for these tender mercies.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And a Green Parasol

 I recently purchased Faye a new dress as a reward, and also to double as an Easter dress.  She was eager to wear it around the house.  While wearing it, she re-discovered her green parasol.  Suddenly a vision was born. Mom and I both wanted to get a picture of Faye with her parasol and new dress near a lake.  So we packed up the kids, the forecast was 60 degrees (And it felt like 60 degrees), and we had a mission.

At  Daybreak's lake, though, there was a significant drop in temperature and the breeze increased the chilly factor.  Between the two, Faye wasn't as adventurous as she would have been otherwise, and Sam was pretty upset that he was chilly.  While I attempted to take care of Sam, Mom was able to get a few cute shots of Faye.

We didn't have the dream photoshoot we were hoping for, but these few shots made the adventure worth it.  Thanks, Mom!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Dear Dino,

Five years have already passed since we saw you last. So much has changed since you left, and I often catch my self imagining how things might have been. I wish you could have met my two babies, I know you would have loved them to pieces. I hope to watch you wrestle and tickle them one day when we are all reunited. 

I love you so much and wish you were here.

Love always,
Your Baby Bear

Sunday, March 1, 2015

2 Months

Time has flown by so quickly since Sam arrived.  At two months he is still my happy and content little guy.  We are learning he's not too fond of being in the car, but otherwise still only cries if he needs something.  Every night he gets in one five or six hour stretch between feedings, which I am most grateful for.  He LOVES to eat, which I thought wouldn't kick in until he was a teenager. Currently he referred is to as "Baby Brother," "McChubbs," and "Junior" more than anything else.

At his two month appointment Sam measured 23.5 inches and 12 lbs 3 oz which puts him at 56% for both height and weight.  

I'm so grateful to have this little charmer in the family.