Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Go Green Monsters

 Faye had the oportunity to play a short season of soccer this summer through the county rec program.  Even better, Reed was her coach!  This cute little group of 3-5 year olds was hillarious to watch play, and they all adored Reed.  The team unanimously decided on the name Green Monsters for their team.

Faye and Ariella were so excited to play together!  Ari would often grab Faye by the hand and drag her into the action.  She definitely was more competitive than our Faye.

That being said, Faye did pretty well with keeping up with the mass of children chasing the ball across the field.  While other parents coached their children from the sideline on tactics and strategy, I was cheering for Faye whenever she touched the soccer ball.

Little Sammo enjoyed watching the soccer games. 

Each game was set in the heat of July evenings, it wore the kiddos out!  Seeing Faye drop with the other kids to rest on the field happened at least once a game.  

Luckily treats make everything better.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Four Years Already

Our Faye turned four! She is such a joy to have around.  Her speech continues to improve, and we are LOVING it!  

Faye tells us about everything imaginary she sees: dragons flying outside the car window, baby Gila Monsters crawling over the kitchen table, baby black jaguars she wants us to hold, etc.  She's named our little Rogue Red Toothless, to which both Alan and I immediately approved.  Today's surprise was having Faye ask me to be the "bad guy" and chase her around the room.  

With summertime sunshine and late nights, bed time hasn't been as successful as usual.  Faye has started a habit of not staying in her room and will often lay at the top of the stairs calling for Daddy, climb right into "Daddy's big bed" and fall asleep there instead, or come into our room in the middle of the night wanting to lay in our bed (that was terrifying the first time I woke up to her silhouette in the doorway).  

Her love for sharks and ocean creatures continues, and the spectrum of interesting animals has broadened to land-based creatures as well.  She loves to learn about all animals,  but still tends to be terrified when near them.  She loves to walk the neighbor's little dog, Sophie, which has been a tremendous improvement.

I love when Faye sees other little kids and is excited to interact.  Her classic opening line is, "Hi, Friends!"

Above all, she loves being silly with everybody.  We often are loud, often tumble and play, often do or say things in public which are received with quizzical glances, but best of all, we often have a grand old time while doing it.

Love you, my Fayebalina.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Birthday Pictures

 I'm always so grateful for my generous Mom, but especially so when it comes to pictures.  She's so great with my kids knowing that candid shots are the only way to go, and she is good to suggest when we need to go have another photoshoot.  So, on a quiet Sunday evening, we took the kiddos down by the river bottoms to try and get a few good shots.  Between lots of prancing, dancing, and general silliness on my part, we got a few golden shots!

Thanks so much, Mom!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Birthday's All Around

July is a busy month anyway, but we're still getting used to all the birthdays we have to celebrate!  Faye's cousins, Cambrie and Kelton, have birthdays within a week of Faye's, as does her cousin Vivian and her Uncle Ryan T.  This year was extra special as we celebrate each month with Sam, so add him into the mix, plus celebrating earlier in the month to make room for the upcoming wedding.....the only solution was a COMBINED PARTY!  My darling sister decided a year ago to throw a My Little Pony themed party for the girls this year.  Lucky Ryan got to join in with the celebration as our honorary brony.  

Our party included a picnic-style dinner and soccer before the presents and cake.  Luckily Uncle Reed and Grandma collaborated to purchase soccer balls and a goal for the little ladies.  

Even though we tried to keep the party small this year, the girls still wound up being fairly spoiled. 

My very talented and organized Heidi-Sister worked hard to crocet/knit both girls their own pony doll.  (She had them completed before Easter.)  Both Faye and Sam LOVE the Pinky-Pie Heidi made.

Sam was just loving being a part of the fun. 

I can't get over that huge grin! 

Gotta get in a family shot.  

Thanks, Mom, for always sharing your pics!