Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fayeisms and Samisms

I've been recording some of the funny things our kids have said and thought I'd share them here more for personal records, but you might get a laugh or two out of their logic.

Tonight while getting the kids dressed after their bath Faye asked while pointing at Sam "what's that on his belly?" 
M: "Do you mean his belly button?"
F: "No, his belly finger!"

F: "When I grow up I want to be Faye Rowley!"

I ran upstairs just before midnight to comfort Faye, who was in our room crying. "Mommy, where are you?! You need to put on your jammies and get in bed now!"

F: "Mom, where's your hat?"
M: "Do I need my hat?"
F: "Yes. Your hair looks like sharks."

Apparently My bedhead has reached a new level of scary.

While tucking the kids in tonight I said, "Good Night, George," to my little stinker. He quickly corrected me, "No! Batsam."

While playing mario cart:
F: "Mommy, may I explosion you?"

Faye has a cold. This morning she asked, "Mommy, can I go to the hospital and get a shot to make feel better."

Sammo cried out in his sleep tonight searching frantically for pumpkins. This is the first instance I have witnessed him talking in his sleep.

Sammo has been a bit of a stinker this morning, and after being told off he asked, "Where Gra'ma?" 
M: "She's in her room getting dressed." 
S: "Where Heidi?" 
M: "She's at home." 
S: "Oooh."

F: "Mommy, you can't be married to Daddy."
M: "Why's that?"
F: "Because when I grow up I want to be married to him!"
M: "But he's my husband."
D: "And she's my wife!"
F: "Don't worry, we can take turns."

M: "You are so cute." As a naked Sam walks by.
S: "Garbage!" Walks up to sink and throws Faye's charm bracelet down the garbage eater.

F: "Mom, cats don't like water, right?"
M: "You're right!"
F: "But they like milk?"
M: "Yes, they love milk."
F: "So when you wash a cat, do you give them a milk shower?"

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