Wednesday, April 25, 2012

9 Month Checkup

So Faye and I journey to the doc's office for her check up.  I went full expecting shots, but apparently she won't be needing any more for another three months. I'm definitely okay with that!

We did find out, though, Faye's current weight and height!  (This is always such a mystery to me since we don't have a scale in our house).  Faye is 20 pounds 11 ounces and 30 inches long.  This puts her in the 95% for height and 80% for weight!  Who knew we'd have such a tall girl?  I'm pretty excited about it, though. 

Way to grow, Faye!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

St. George

Just a few more fun moments from St. George!  Sorry for the image quality, but yay for camera phones!


Grandma teaching Faye to crawl off the bed.

This is our third attempt to introduce Faye to the swimming pool.  Round 1 was a complete fail.  Faye was so terrified of the pool she wouldn't look at me for an hour after her short time in the water.  Round 2 revealed the memory was still fresh in her mind. Round 3 was successful!  Faye enjoyed the water as long as we took things slow and stayed next to the stairs or the wall.  No worries!   I can work with that.

Lunch time before we left St. George!  Mom gave Faye a taste of a pickle just to see what kind of a face she'd make.  Surprise surprise, she LOVED it!  That pickle didn't stand a chance.  Apparently we now have a reason to buy pickles in our house.

Thanks again for such a fun trip, Mom!

Man Post

So, this is Alan, and this is going to be my first post.  It is also going to be a 'Man Post' due to the content.  My dad and I went shooting this last Saturday to try out some of his new revolvers.  It was a nice, bright, shining day and therefore several people were up at the shooting range.  About 2 minutes after we arrived another car pulled up next to us and who should step out but a friend of mine from my art class that I took last semester.  He and his buddy had come up to shoot some of their guns.  They also brought up some exploding targets that they had purchased at the local Cal-Ranch store.  Here are the results.

There was an old computer up there that they put several targets worth of explosives in there.  This is a prime example of re-fragmenting the hard drive.

My friend also had an orange squirrel target that you could shoot over and over and it wouldn't break, theoretically.  I shot off the counter weight so in effect broke the target.  So we did the only reasonable thing we could, stuck an explosive on it and shot it.  Ironically the squirrel survived the explosion but was blown back 30-40 feet.

Snow Canyon

Every April my mom travels to the annual UGFOA conference in St. George.  This year she was the President of the UGFOA Board and put together a great conference- from what I hear.  Faye and I joined Mom on this trip to keep her company.  We had a lot of fun playing in the sun between the conference sessions.  Faye had several first, too!  We introduced her to the joys of hiking, sand, swimming, and summer!

We had so much fun hiking through Snow Canyon.  Faye loved the hiking backpack and didn't mind wearing a sun hat, so we were free game!

And, of course, we had to take a few shots of our surroundings!  I've never seen so many cacti in bloom before!  Everywhere we looked there seemed to be blossoms on these prickly plants.

Thanks so much for the fun adventure, Mom!  I can't wait to do it again some time.
And, as always, thanks for taking such neat pictures!

Friday, April 20, 2012

9 Months

Happy 9 months, Faye!  You've almost been alive in the big world longer than your existence in my belly (remember, she was a week late.)

Here are some note worthy items at 9 months of life for Faye:
  • Holy cow are you a fast crawler! But I enjoy chasing you around, so I don't really mind
  • You're still a friendly little thing and wave whenever prompted to, or when you see a mirror.
  • Still no teeth, but no worries.
  • You are an excellent dancer!  We can definitely tell when you're excited or happy about something!
  • You're officially a chocolate lover.  It's been tested enough times to see consistent results.
  • Unfortunately you're not a good sleeper yet; still waking up 2-5 times in the middle of the night.  But we'll get there eventually.
  • We love you so much!  Keep on growing, Fayeby!

Monday, April 9, 2012


It always surprises me how the world continues with it's busy daily doings oblivious to those who are suffering.  Today we lost my good friend Celeste to cancer, a battle she's been fighting since last July.  My heart goes out to her family and to her missionary; it's never easy to lose somebody especially when they are so young.  I'm so grateful to know she's been relieved of her pain and I'm sure that she's already been teased at least once by Dino. 

I love you, Celeste, and I hope you keep busy until we meet again.  I look forward to the reunion of the "Four-Eyed Foursome!"

Fun With Friends!

My old roommate Holli and her little family (consisting of Keith and Paisley) were in town today!  Faye and I headed up to campus to meet them after the chocolate fiasco. 

Paisley and Faye were born exactly 1 week apart, it's amazing to see the differences between the two of them, though!  We had fun playing in the grass on campus with them.

We're excited for Holli and Keith to move to Utah so we can see them more regularly!  Thanks for the fun today.

Gaining Independence

Now that Faye is mobile it's becoming harder to keep up with her.  She has several bruises on her face from bumping into things, she's had a bloody nose and her first burn in the past few days, too.  Needless to say this isn't completely on Faye's head, clearly I need to up my game.  For instance, while bathing Faye in the sink at my Mom's house she got a hold of the faucet.  She turned the hot water faucet towards "off," so I didn't worry too much about continuing to fill up the cup to rinse her off.  Well, unfortunately she turned ALL of the hot water off, so I wound up pouring a cup of ice cold water over this tired baby's head.  It was a sad moment.

Some of these moments of independence don't result in tears, though!  Earlier today, Faye and I took Alan to campus for classes.  I had given her a left over Easter Egg from yesterday's festivities to play with while we drove; it had candy inside and she uses them like a rattle.  Well, she found out what Easter Eggs are good for.

 Yep!  She found the chocolate kiss inside the egg and clearly enjoyed that candy for all it was worth.  Apparently she takes after Alan where chocolate is concerned.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Animal Days

It's that time of year again!  Spring has finally come, hopefully the weather will stop snowing soon so it can stay this way.  Sharon and I took Faye down to the American West Heritage Center to enjoy Baby Animal Days.  Faye's not had much exposure to animals, so it was quite the adventure. 

Faye wasn't too fond of anything bigger than a goat, they seemed to be frightening to her.

She did better with the bunnies, chicks, and ducklings.  Unfortunately a few of the animals got manhandled: poked in the eye, feathers  ruffled the wrong way, and the baby hand closing over their heads.

We ran into Caleb from our primary class and his family while we were there!  He's such a smart boy and a stud to boot!

At one spot the volunteers were handing out biscuit -like sugar cookies.  Faye devoured hers!  It's not delicious unless you make a mess while eating it.

 We watched this gentleman sheer a sheep.  It made me long for Ephraim and streets filled with sheep waiting to be sheered.  I'm sure glad I don't have to lay like that for somebody to cut my hair, though.

We had a good time in the sunshine!  Faye seemed to enjoy herself and apparently isn't allergic to animals at this point in life, yay!


My favorite part of Baby Animal Days is seeing the IFA sign around the facility.  It's like Dino can be a part of the fun, too.