Thursday, August 14, 2014

Faye's Birthday Photos Round Two

With all the fun we had taking birthday pictures of Faye at Wheeler Farm, you may remember we had a struggle since Faye wouldn't let Grandma Lisa step far enough back to take a picture.  Even though I adore the shots we got, I thought I'd take Faye to a studio to see how she handled a stranger being the photographer.  The experience was better than I had ever hoped!

Faye fell in love with our photographer.  He was so cute to play with her in attempts to get a good smile, and very patient when she was too wiggly to get the exact pose he had envisioned.

I was surprised to see a pattern in many of the consecutive shots.  Faye would have a cute, happy, giggly look...

Followed by sass.  Where did my child even learn to look sassy?! So cute.

Cute, happy, giggly shot.

More sass!  Goodness. I just can't get over how cute the dress is that Alan bought for Faye.  Luckily we had the leggings on hand, and I was more than happy to buy her some combat boots.

This running shot is so fun, look at her 'fly' in the air!

I had tried to choose one or two photos from each series so as to not be excessive, but I love these with the large umbrella light behind Faye! Each one shows a different bit of her personality.

Faye was twirling in circles at this point.

 In all, this was a successful experiment.  Faye does well with strangers as a photographer, and I love Foto Fly's quality and price all at the same time.  Me thinks we'll be back.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Baby oh Baby

So excited to be expecting a sibling for Faye.  This pregnancy has been rough, even the conception there of was rough.  After finishing up menopause last year, we made a plan with the doc to try for another child.  In attempts to help us become pregnant before the endometriosis had time to build back up, he put me on Clomid.  After several months of increasing levels of Clomid, with no success, we were sent to a fertility expert.  

The clinic we visited was nice, as was the staff, but our discussion with the fertility doctor took an unexpected turn when he disapproved of us being sent to him.  Yes, technically we hadn't been trying for a full 12 months, and yes, nobody can say with 100% confidence that I have Endometriosis, but it's a solid 90% or so.  He spent a good 45 minutes debating with himself whether or not it was worth his time to help us,  but finally decided we could try AI after I go visited a GI doc and finished all the preliminary tests.  

I did visit the GI, which resulted in a lovely colonoscopy, and went through the preliminary tests and procedures.  One of these was an Hysterosalpingo Gram (HSG).  I swear up and down the wall that the HSG is what made the difference in helping us to conceive.  Luckily, we were able to conceive before having to undergo traditional fertility treatment. 

As far as this pregnancy goes, I've been just as sick as I was with Faye.  Even as recently as last week, I lost 5lbs to throwing up; but no trips to the hospital for dehydration, though, so that's good.  The endo pain has still been a bother, and the additional pain of cysts on each ovary have added to that.  However, we are so excited, and immensely grateful, to be expecting a sweet baby boy.  He's so strong already!  I often will be at work helping customers when he karate chops me and I wind up bent over from the impact.

Our cute little 'Jack Skellington' baby.