Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve

With our due date come and gone, I resigned myself to not being able to have our little guy until the 5th, which is when we were scheduled to be induced.  So, I tried to make the most of my time alone with Faye.  Her Uncle Ryan spent the previous evening with us and was more than happy to dance in circles with Faye, eat some sugar cookies with Faye, and even have multiple tea parties with her, too.  

After my mom and Alan got home, we decided to have our version of a celebration.  New Year's Eve is always low key, just how I like it.  This year we played Wits and Wagers and watched The Princess Bride.  Ryan left around 8:00 pm to head back to Logan, and Faye went to sleep just after Ryan left.  After the show had ended, I went to bed!  That's right, I was asleep by 11:00 pm on New Year's Eve.  Alan was kind enough to wake me up at midnight for a kiss, after which I rolled over and went back to sleep.  In my book, I'd be okay if every New Year's Celebration was like this. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014


 With Baby Brother's due date so close to Christmas, we decided to play it safe and stay home for the holiday.  It was a fun and relaxing Christmas.  Faye was excited about Baby Jesus, Santa, "Happy Christmas Trees," snowmen, and the works.  It made all the little moments leading up to Christmas just as exciting as Christmas morning.

Even though Faye was excited to see Santa pictures and to point him out in the mall, she was still hesitant to get close to him.  However, she did warm up to Mrs. Clause, who we referred to as the "Christmas Princess." Faye was excited to show her pretty orange dress to the Christmas Princess. 

We enjoyed another quiet Christmas morning this year.  Faye woke up at 7:00, her usual time.  We went down stairs and ate breakfast, played with Grandma Lisa for a while, and then we woke up Alan, Greg, and Reed. 

All lined up with our stockings.  Faye Finally caught on to the fun of opening presents.  Each present was exciting to Faye, even the new clothes.  We brought down a mirror so Faye could try on each new outfit and check herself out.  She eagerly helped Greg and Reed break in their new toys as they were unwrapped. 

It finally snowed in the valley.  I quickly called dibs on shoveling the driveway with secret motives of hoping to induce labor.  After working on the driveway we headed over to the Calvert home to join in on the Skype call with Elder Calvert.  It was so good to hear from Drew, and always fun to spend time with the Calvert clan.  

I'm so grateful for the Christmas season, but always disappointed at how quickly it ends.  I wish the warmth and kindness shared by strangers could continue year round.  I'm especially grateful this year to have had both of my brothers home for Christmas, it was an unexpected but delightful treat.  They are such fun uncles to our Faye and their laughs light up even the darkest days.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Graceful Me

7:00 AM: Day starts out like normal.  Faye wakes up, we start our daily routine.
7:30 AM: I help my mom carry her work gear out to the car.
7:31 AM: I slip going down the stairs into the garage and fall on the cement.

From there the day was not so normal.  I felt fine, my shoulder had caught the brunt of the fall, but being 37 weeks along I decided to called the OB, just to be safe.  I was fully expecting them to say, "Oh, you should be fine.  No worries."  Instead I was asked to head to the Labor and Delivery unit to be monitored. 

Sudden panic hit me.  Alan was at work, I didn't have a car, I didn't even have a hospital bag packed!  Reed was kind enough to pick Faye up from the school bus while Alan and I hurried to LDS Hospital.  By the time we got all checked in it was 10:30 ish.  Luckily all was well with the little guy, no torn placenta or any distress coming from junior, and no labor.  After an hour of being hooked up to the machines we got the green light to go home.

I wouldn't say I'd like to repeat the fall or the long day, but It was good to have a wake up call on what preparations need to be done before the baby comes.