Sunday, July 17, 2016

Faye is Five

Five years seems like a HUGE bench mark.  Maybe it's because this is the first year that Faye has been aware of her birthday coming or maybe it's because she's grown, mentally and physically, so much in the last year.  Either way, it's obvious now that our baby is a full blown big girl now.  

We took our gal out for a birthday treat, just Faye, Daddy, and Mommy.  All Faye wanted for her birthday was a Wonder Woman doll. (Sam's superhero obsession has rubbed off on the whole family.)  We trekked out to ToysRUs with Faye in her homemade birthday crown only to find the store was handing out balloons to birthday kids!  BONUS!

Faye was thrilled to finally have her own Wonder Woman. The toy store was followed by a trip to the unmentionable ice cream establishment.  Faye seemed as excited to have time alone with Mom and Dad as she was for her dolly and ice cream.

 Birthday celebrations continued with fun gifts from family members.  Her other favorite was a Lego set from Alan's parents.  Faye knows the rule is "no little Legos unless Sam is asleep," she has been very good to observe this practice.  


Faye's birthday fell on a Sunday this  year, which was also a missionary farewell in the ward.  When the host family learned it was Faye's birthday they insisted on singing for her.  Faye was bashfully gleeful, and I am forever thankful to the guests for making her day.

Five year old Faye is fun as can be.  She loves Legos, coloring, riding bikes, and friends! She is excited to start Kindergarten and loves to read.  Her mechanical mind, creativity, attention to detail, and fantastic fine motor will make for a good combo down the road.  She is kind and sweet, but without being overbearing or mothering, to Sam and her friends. 

 In our latest class at the Children's Center it has become obvious how much Faye has grown in the last year.  She has surpassed her peers in these groups and  blends in well with other average 5 year olds.  The doctor sees no need to have her retested, and the only resource she might need is some speech help through the school.  We are thrilled to have our little girl, and love her dearly.  Happy Birthday, my Faye!

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