Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dudley Family Pictures

One of my family's most memorable traditions is taking family pictures everywhere and all the time. How?  Why with the tripod and shutter timer, of course.  Mom is pro at setting things up and running back to the group before the picture is taken.  Now that our family is growing, this has been a more difficult task, particularly with littles.  So this year, getting every body together for pics felt like more of a production, but, as always, taking the pictures is as much fun as seeing the pictures with our goofy fam.

 The Dudley clan currently consists of 12 humans and 1 puppy.

With the craziness of Halloween fun still dying down, the kids, Sammo in particular, were still a bit off.  So we tried to get creative with our poses to make it easier on the kids.

Thanks, Mom, for the pictures!  And thanks to Drew for making faces next to the camera in attempts to get everybody's attention.

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